Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Fashion regime

In an unlikely turn of events, there is a trend currently taking the fashion world by storm - the trainer.

Before even setting foot in the gym I've managed to work up a sweat deciding what trendy new kicks to buy.

Trainers are no longer resigned to gym bags, they're now a common sight on cat-walks, front rows and off duty celebs. 

Any fashionista will happily admit that style is regularly (and quite rightly) prioritised over function. Being comfortable is not something that many people care to accommodate in the fashion world.

Sporting painful blisters and burning tootsies is no sacrifice for a pair of gorgeous shoes. I'm sure all of you will agree, footwear is one of the post important aspects of any outfit. Luckily, this trainer trend is giving our feet a well deserved rest. Not only do they have to look great but they have to be functional as well!

From retro chic to sports luxe, if you are in the market for a new pair of trainers, you will find yourself spoilt for choice.

Model-off-duty Sara Blomqvist, in New Balance joggers.

Nike Roshe Run,  Off-duty model, street style shot at Paris Fashion Week.

Julia Starr-Jamois wearing Nike Air Max

Terrible at making decisions and not used to being a creature of comfort (when it comes to footwear), I find myself lost and undecided. 

What trainers are you sporting this season?


  1. Love all those kind of trainers :)

    1. Me too, that seems to be the problem! No idea what to buy...x

  2. Oh the are so cute! I just bought a new pair and I didn't even know they were in right now! :) xx