Sunday, 4 May 2014

Festival bland

Blogger Style: Festival bland

In order to have any chance of affording a holiday this summer, I've had to temporarily suspend my shopping habit. So, to ease/severely aggravate my fashion cravings I thought I'd create a summery 'wish list’!

In the run up to summer, we are inundated with articles about which garish colour is this seasons 'new black'. If we're going to be honest, though. Nothing but black will ever be 'the new black’.

If like me, you thought that dark colours attract the sun. Interestingly, although they attract more heat than light hues, they actually offer greater UV protection, because the rays can't penetrate the fabric as well. 

So, in addition to protecting your skin from sporting a garish shade of lobster (which is definitely not in any of this summers fashion forecasts) it will also protect you from adorning yourself in the newest shade of neon.

What are your feelings on a blacker shade of pale this summer?

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  1. I've got those black jamie jeans and they are my favourite jeans ever! So flattering x