Sunday, 1 June 2014

Heavy petal

I have been lucky enough to receive the incredible The Esmee Dress from Poppy Lux. With the re-invented floral trend taking the fashion world by storm, the timing of this lovely gift couldn't have been more perfect.

As mentioned in a previous post, floral prints for summer 2014 range from super-understated, to super-brash with a contemporary feel yet reminiscent of the nineties.  

This dress is definitely brash yet easy to wear and surprisingly versatile, I've even worn it to work paired with a black blazer and tights.

For this post, I decided to accessorise the dress with a beautiful charm bracelet from Orelia. If like me, you hadn't heard of Orelia before, you should definitely go and check them out. They have a vast range of really beautiful jewellery that won't burn a hole in your lovely purses!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and If you have depop, follow me: @marinasimone


  1. Really like the dress! I've got a similar one from Asos!


  2. I love the print of the dress! It's way edgier than typical floral.
    Looks great on you!!

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  3. first of all your smile is so pretty!
    and than i have to admit that i am so in love with your floral Dress
    it's so unique and eyecatchy
    and most of all perfect for These summer days

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

  4. That dress looks adorable!
    Your photos are so beautiful and positive!:)

  5. I really really like that charm bracelet! It's so pretty!
    Great photos!

  6. this dress is totally adorable. i am such a sucker for floral print!! really cute tassel bracelet too.