Sunday, 17 August 2014

Scort it out

My best friend, Jenn (you can find her AMAZING blog at JenniferJayne) and I we're having a few drinks in the garden before going to our friends birthday.
Being the avid bloggers that we are, we managed to snap a few outfit shots before we left!

I also happened to be wearing this amazing faux leather scort that I was lucky enough to receive from The City Rack.  This risqué but also completely dignified item has quickly become my 'go to' garment for a night on the town. The scort look great with a simple black cami too!

I teamed it with a vintage pleated cream blouse and my good ole' primarni blazer.

(Pop over to Jenn's blog if you would like get more info on her attire!)

Apologies for the sheer amount of photos, the wine came out and so did the shameless selfies!