Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bathing in brandy

I'm a self confessed shop-a-holic. If I enter a shop (literally any shop), I will buy something (anything).
I usually manage to avoid this uncontrollable desire to spend by staying well away from any form of trading environment. Unfortunately, I now work on the Kings Road.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a shop that doesn't break the bank, Brandy Melville. On stepping foot into the shop, you are entering an all American teen dream (although, the fashion house was actually founded some 20 years ago in Italy by retail vet Silvio Marsan and his son Stefan). 

All of the apparel is one-size fit's all, a concept that’s understandably caused quite a stir.  As much as I appreciate the numerous possible downsides of this production choice, I can't help but want to support it, after all it's where the majority of the charm comes from; that slouchy, 90's, surf, 'I just threw it on and it looks kinda cool' look. 

Jumper - Brandy Melville | Skirt - Brandy Melville | Bracelet - Brandy Melville | Necklace - Brandy Melville | Jacket- Levi | Boots - H&M | Sunglasses- Ebay

Has anyone else been sucked into the Brandy hype?


  1. Great outfit! I really like your sweater and boots :)

    Kisses, Kali

  2. Really nice outfit you've put together! The jacket is just lovely and i'll be on the lookout for something similar!

    1. I got mine from ebay, keep a look out! x

  3. Love this outfit! The boots are incredible!

  4. Perfect outfit, so chic and stylish :)

    Camille xo

  5. Love the romance in these pictures, cute outfit lady!

    Sarah x

  6. love the skirt! i own a couple things from brandy and love them :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  7. I discovered Brandy a few years ago and I've been in love with the brand ever since. Actually wearing a sweater by Brandy right now! The photos are so beautiful, you look lovely! xx Naomi in Wonderland

  8. Love the outfit! I love Brandy all their basics are so soft and super comfortable :)


  9. I love brandy Melville! just wish there was a shop closer to me! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  10. I love the concept behind the store, 'one size fits all', I can imagine it takes the stress out of shopping for many! Also, with regard to inevitably buying something, I am the same with jewellery, loungewear and lingerie haha! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  11. Kings road is just the most beautiful, perfect shopping road isn't it? I've never been in Brandy Melville though but have heard SO many bloggers talk about it, definitely need to check it out. You look amazing here lovely, so laid-back/casual cool :)


  12. Love your Brandy Melville skirt and your sunglasses! I also love your hairstyle, looks fab on you! I have never purchases anything from Brandy Melville, but I have heard about this brand for a long time!

    x Kellie

  13. I adore this look! It's so chilled, but chic. The slouchy jumpy looks lush! One size fits all sounds odd but is actually pretty cool, at least you would never have to try anything on!

    Rachel xx

  14. i haven't really tried out their stuff but I do have to admit I am completely the same with entering any shop and buying something! CAD: Charging account disorder ha!

    Love the jacket too :)

    B x

  15. those shoes, omg! you look perfect.

  16. I am in love with these boots! Thank you for commenting on my blog, I'm now following you on bloglovin' :)

    Mimicryer x UK fashion & beauty