About Me

Hello, I'm Marina a 24 year old blogger based in London.

My love of fashion stemmed from my Mother, who worked on various glossy magazines. I grew up on enchanting stories from her super glamorous career, which to me were much more alluring than any fairy tale she could have read me!

Alas, a short stint at university quickly put my dreams of working within the 'glizty' world of fashion to rest.  To everyone's surprise, I decided to throw myself into teaching (which I love!).

So, to keep my love of all things fashion at bay, I created this little blog!

Enjoy x

Whilst we're here, i'll add a little disclaimer* (it's far too boring to deserve a whole page!)
PR Samples: I do accept PR samples. This being said, I will only ever be 100% truthful when reviewing what I am sent. I mark all samples with an asterisk, so it is easy to spot what has been sent to me for review purposes.
Sponsored posts: I do partake in sponsored posts and I am open to the idea of guest posts.
If you are part of a PR company and wish to contact, please email me at: marinaburridge@gmail.com

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